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The program SADABS is designed to exploit data redundancy to correct 3D- SADABS reads files generated by the Bruker integration program SAINT; . publCIF: Westrip, S. P. (). J. Appl. Cryst. 43, SADABS, TWINABS: Bruker (). Program name. Bruker AXS Inc., Madison, Wisconsin, USA. or. Using SAINT; Using SADABS; File Name Confusion. Data Reduction. SAINT Now and Then. There was a time before GUIs where SAINT did not run on PCs.

SADABS. SAINT. XPREP. SMART . SHELX. p4p. n. Absorption correction using SADABS with KappaCCD data. Note: This part of the tutorial is out of date, and will not work properly with the newest versions of. SADABS. Ver. /5. (Krause et al., ). TWINABS. Ver. /1. (Sheldrick, ). Structure solution. XS. Ver. /1. (Sheldrick, ).

Yeah that relates to the method applied by SADABS[1] - seeing as SADABS was the program used to apply an absorption correction to your. This process details absorption correction using the program SADABS. Absorption of this type is known as correction by “psi-scans”. • Run SADABS o 128 no.