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Paraliminal tapes

You can create a better life for yourself, and "you can do it" with Paraliminal recordings. These are not magical or mystical–they are simply the best, easy-to- use. We will take you through a tour of the recordings, and even tell you how you can get CDs free. Paraliminal Recordings are unlike anything you have experienced. Complete your Paraliminal Tapes collection. Discover what's missing in your Paraliminal Tapes discography. Shop Paraliminal Tapes Vinyl and CDs.

Paraliminal recordings increase your personal power by activating your “whole mind” with a precise blend of music and words. Each session is carefully scripted . Over the last three month I have been using a product called Paraliminals. During these months I have experienced such benefits such as increased presence. Memory Supercharger: Sharpen Your Memory and Gain Access to the Powerful Inner Mind. Apr 1, by Paul R. Scheele and Paraliminal Tapes.

Deep Relaxation Paraliminal Download - Best Method to Deep Relaxation Anxiety Free Paraliminals - Anxiety Free Paraliminal CD. reviews-say. Learn more about all 42 Paraliminals, brought to you by Learning Strategies. Listen to these recordings before a presentation or an important meeting, after. There are a whole host of paraliminal tapes, addressing everything from weight gain and anxiety to more new-agey stuff like attracting.