Parkour schematic download

Parkour schematic

3d_rotation. Project. Slime block reverse parkour - 2 minigames in one! Minecraft Map & Project. Slime block reverse parkour - 2 minigames in one! playlist_add. CHROMA is a Medium difficulty Climbing Map I made it for the people of my Community The Official Endercraft to enjoy. I decided to just release a schematic for. Description. This is a 3 tier parkour challenge easy, medium and hard. Each tier has a verity of parkour challenges, making use of glass pains.

parkour-arena, a Minecraft creation. First off the schematic had about 30 layers of un needed stone + mineshafts and bedrock attached. Description. Parkour creado en un evento de mi servidor por el usuario Willy64 El Parkour. This map features a MASSIVE parkour course with lots of scenic views, It is a custom terrain map with loads of trees and things to see.

Modern Parkour, a Minecraft creation. Modern Parkour - Minecraft Bukkit Servers Only Parkour Plugin Required! Others creations from. You see that link that says "positive" under my name? Go on, give it a click. Its awfully lonely. Make it feel welcome. ~The Globe Theatre~. A place for people to post their Minecraft creations in the form of schematics. People may request and talk about schematics.